4 free healthcare writing prompts for your blog

A blog helps you rank higher in search engine results and provides valuable content for your website visitors, but it can be hard to know what to write about. Here are 4 free healthcare writing prompts to help you get your blog started and avoid writer’s block.

Prompt One - What is one thing you wish people knew about your field?

There’s probably something you wish people knew about your specific healthcare niche. Why not tell them? To make this prompt even more tantalizing to the reader, frame it as you’re revealing the secrets of your industry. Then, actually give them a few helpful pieces of information in your content.

Some great blog titles for this prompt are:

  • What I wish people knew about (your niche)
  • 5 secrets about (your niche)
  • Few people know (shocking fact) about (your niche)

Prompt Two - Answer frequently asked questions

Patients or clients have most likely asked you some repetitive questions about your industry over the years. Why not answer them in a well thought out blog post you can share with potential patients or clients in the future? You might be surprised at how much traffic you’ll get on a post like this. And another great idea? Create a separate “less frequently asked questions” post – information that is helpful to patients, but rarely asked.

Some great blog titles for this prompt are:

  • A beginner’s guide to (your niche)
  • Everything you need to know about (your niche)
  • If the question is interesting, use it as the title. For example, “Why should you see a specialist for your allergies?”

Prompt Three - Explain the unique benefit of your practice

A blog is a great place to showcase your story and what makes your practice unique. The key is to make sure you keep the focus on the reader, not on yourself. A pediatrician, for example, could write a blog post on the unique benefits of their practice for families with children.

Some great blog titles for this prompt are:

  • 5 benefits of (your unique offer)
  • How (your unique offer) can transform (impact or area of life affected)
  • Improve your (health or other area of life affected) with (your unique offer)

[Make sure to include eye catching graphics in your post too with these tips]

Prompt Four - Give away free, useful advice

While listed last, this prompt might be the most important one on the list (and the easiest to replicate over and over again). For example, a dermatologist could share the three products everyone needs for glowing skin.  

Giving away free health advice helps your patients and potential patients, but it doesn’t only benefit your readers. It also establishes you as the go-to expert in their minds. These types of posts also tend to perform well on social media.

Some great blog titles for this prompt are:

  • Improve your health with (specific subject matter; for example, three easy diet changes)
  • X easy tips for (specific subject matter; e for example, better skin)
  • X (your niche) mistakes to avoid

Remember that when it comes to reading, audiences tend to be skim-readers and don’t always read blogs in their entirety. While you should be factual, truthful, and offer them information they can use, it helps to be brief and to the point in your blogs. Also consider breaking up your text with sub-headlines and bullet points to make it easier to read and digest. While these four free healthcare writing prompts might make great additions to your blog, they’re just a start. Interested in taking your blog to the next level? Check out our healthcare writing services.


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