7 Social Media Medical Marketing Tips to Grow Your Audience

Growing an audience on social media can seem overwhelming if you're busy taking care of patients. Particularly if social media isn’t your thing, growing a social media audience can feel like a never-ending list of tweets to write, Instagrammable photos to take, and TikTok dances to try.

Despite the mountain of platforms and time it seems like you’ll need to invest, growing an audience is worth it and can be done strategically. Growing an online audience helps you build your clientele, and the more you can grow your social media audience, the more exposure you may get to potential new patients. These seven social media marketing tips will help you grow a loyal following quicker. 

1) Create a consistent posting schedule

Show up consistently on social media by posting regularly. Some effective strategies to create consistent content in less time are:

  • Batch creating content, such as creating a month’s worth of content at a time
  • Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite

2) Utilize video content 

With the rise of short form video content, video is more popular- and easier - than ever before. Gone are the days when you needed a fancy editor, camera, and studio to shoot great videos. In 2021, people want to see authentic video content. Think of a couple fun facts you love to share about your industry and make them into short form videos. 

3) Don’t forget about captions, comments, and copy

Creating great content is only half the work. While video is on the rise, good copywriting is still king. Comments, descriptions, and even text within videos can deliver more of an emotional punch and give people a direct call to action.

[Check out these 17 powerful words to include in your copy]

4) Create community 

Building community on social media can be as simple as responding to comments. Or it could be a larger initiative, such as creating a Facebook group around a certain topic. It’s anything which gets people talking and connecting over your healthcare services.

5) Provide value to your audience 

Your social media presence should do more than ask your followers to schedule an appointment or buy your services. It should provide value to them at no cost. Sharing an insightful blog post, a quick health tip, or other educational content is helpful to your followers.

6) Copy your posts that do well

It’s never a good idea to copy word for word, but if a message resonates with users, recreate that message again. If a post with tips for keeping your kids healthy this summer performs well, you could create a similar post for fall, winter, and spring.

7) Focus on just the best platforms for your business

By focusing your energy on one or two platforms, you can build your audience quicker and create better, more in-depth content. If possible, focus on the platform where your ideal patients hang out. 

Consistency and great content are integral to growing your audience on any platform. Yet, each platform can take some time to learn. Hiring a healthcare digital marketing agency allows you to reap the benefits of social media marketing without the learning curve.

Fogg media offers a starter package for healthcare professionals looking for a well-rounded marketing strategy. This program includes:

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