What Is a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency? 4 Things to Know

Healthcare digital marketing isn’t just a buzzword, but a necessity to attract new customers and clients. A holistic marketing strategy ensures your healthcare company is seen on every corner of the internet, but developing this strategy can be expensive and time-consuming. A healthcare digital marketing agency can be a cost-effective solution to elevate your brand online and develop a competitive edge against your competitors, especially in these four areas. 

1) A Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Will Increase Organic Traffic With Healthcare SEO Best Practices

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of practices which help your web pages and blogs rank higher in search results. You could write the best content in the healthcare industry, but unless you utilize SEO best practices, your webpages won’t come up when people google search terms related to your field. Improving SEO practices is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your website, yet the practice can be time intensive and complicated so hiring a digital marketing agency can mitigate any complications, save time, and help you rank above your competitors in searches. 

2) Healthcare Advertising Will Be a Breeze With a Digital Marketing Agency

Along with organic search results, a digital marketing agency can direct paid search results to your website. Paid search results can come in the form of Google Ads campaigns or social media advertisements. A main benefit of paid search traffic is that you get qualified leads because the people clicking on ads are not only searching for a specific term, but are usually expecting to invest in healthcare services when they click. Paid advertising is a nuanced field which can take years to learn, which is why experts at a digital marketing agency can help. 

3) A Marketing Agency Can Develop and Capture Your Brand Voice 

Along with ensuring your medical marketing optimizes your content for organic and paid searches, it’s also important to have a defined brand people can connect with. A good healthcare digital marketing agency will have expert writers, graphic designers, videographers, and social media strategists who can make engaging content which reflects your brand based on data from the most robust data analytics tools on the market. This content can attract leads not only on your website, but also through platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

4) Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Can Provide Senior Leadership Through Fractional CMO Services

The cost of a Chief Marketing Officer can be a financial burden for many doctors, hospitals, and healthcare companies, yet the expertise of senior leadership can be integral to marketing efforts. If a CMO isn’t in your budget, a good healthcare digital marketing agency provides the expertise to design and implement a digital marketing strategy. While there are ways to cut digital marketing costs, you shouldn’t eliminate expert knowledge which can make or break your digital marketing strategy. 

Fogg media offers a starter package for healthcare professionals looking for a well-rounded marketing strategy. This program includes:

  • Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website, designed for Healthcare Practices
  • Website migration
  • Online Reputation Clean-up of Social Media Accounts and Google My Business Directory Listing
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • 6 Custom Pages or Articles written for search (SEO)
  • 5 Hours of creative services for logo design/clean up, rack card advertisements, etc.
  • Access to Print and Promotional products at Wholesale costs

Fogg Media has been helping medical practices in the Carolinas and throughout the US to increase their visibility and drive patient conversions. If you’re struggling to get search visibility, or if your patients struggle to use your website, we’ve created a simple, straight-forward package deal that gives you exactly what you need to get started in the world of digital marketing. We offer targeted, optimized digital advertising services for healthcare, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, Search Engine Advertising, and more. Simply put, we’ll handle the behind-the-scenes digital marketing so you can get back to medicine. Learn more here: https://www.foggmedia.com/marketing-services/solo-practice-starter-package/

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