Integrative Functional Medicine… With A Twist

Challenging the 21st-century medical industry status quo

Redefining the Delivery of Healthcare in Charlotte

(L-R) Dr. Tracy Larson, Dr. Amy Fletcher, and Dr. Nancy Palermo of Thrive

Dr. Amy Fletcher and Dr. Nancy Palermo, two physicians who had been caught in the machine of the large healthcare system and had become frustrated with the limited patient time and the assembly-line atmosphere saw the potential to provide better care for patients and gave it a go by opening a practice that is quickly becoming the gold standard for healthcare in the Charlotte area.

Thrive, an independent medical practice, opened in 2016 and is a unique juncture of a collaborative platform of conventional, integrative, and functional medicine practitioners working together to provide personalized healthcare to their patients. “There is nothing else like Thrive in the area. We had spent several years looking at various practice models around the country and talking with colleagues from Integrative and Functional medicine practices to solidify our plans. Thrive is a healing environment and offers many options for all kinds of patients” says Dr. Palermo.

Thrive is quickly becoming a change-agent in healthcare, proving that personalized care of the mind, body and spirit, and taking a preventative, more holistic approach shouldn’t be considered an outrageous way of providing care in 2020.


You may be asking what functional medicine actually is. It is a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness and an increasing number in the ecosphere of alternative medicine shares the basic principle that every person responds differently to every illness.

With 1-hour long appointment times (7-12 minutes is the norm for any practice associated with a hospital system), Thrive has made it their business to know and build a solid rapport with their patients.

We were able to speak with a patient of Thrive’s who shared her story with us and explains, “I was looking for a doctor with a more holistic and patient-centered approach, and that is just what I found at Thrive. My experience there was the first time I felt my doctor was treating my auto-immune disorder by looking at the cause and not just prescribing drugs as a band-aid for my symptoms. They are genuinely interested in how I feel as much as what the blood work reveals and my they view each patient as a person, not just a number, and recognize that everyone is different and we don’t magically fit into a standard recommendation.”


Thrive offers some of the most personalized workout & yoga classes in Charlotte

When we first walked through the doors of the Thrive office, located in the SouthPark area, we knew it was something special. Walking into Thrive isn’t like walking into your typical doctor’s office. Instead, it’s like walking into a luxurious spa, and they do in fact, offer these services! Immediately, we took notice of the grand staircase and the gorgeously crafted retail area where you can find everything from a large array of supplements, organic skin care lines to locally crafted novelties and products.

Drs. Fletcher and Palermo and their healthcare team, have developed a comprehensive approach to healthcare and well-being and quite a few of its offerings are accessible even to those who aren’t patients of the practice, including:

  • Educational Seminars
  • Massage & Bodywork
  • Cooking Classes
  • Yoga and Group Exercise
  • Clinical Care
    • Functional/Integrative Medicine
    • Comprehensive Medical Care
    • Weight Management
    • OBGYN
  • Acupuncture
  • Organic Skincare and Supplements
  • Health Coaching
  • Dietetics

“We really want to empower patients and foster a positive attitude about what they can do for their own health. We are a healing environment and offer many options for all kinds of patients. While we do individual consults and traditional visits, we also offer educational programs to the public for low to no cost. Our goal is to create a wellness community that fosters knowledge and empowers all individuals towards healthier lifestyles”

Dr. Amy Fletcher


Thrive has established a new doctor’s office experience that includes a holistic approach to preventative medicine, personalized care, and community outreach. Dr. Palermo shares,

“We hope there are more practices like ours that offer a breadth of services and healing modalities. I would love to see elements of Functional and Integrative Medicine weave into every medical practice on some level. Our country is financially crippled from health care spending and we are not getting any healthier. It is going to take a lot of like-minded providers to help move the needle on this crisis. Patients just need the tools and support to make lifestyle changes happen and we can help.”

Dr. Nancy Palermo

Check out all of Thrive’s offerings including recipes, articles, or make an appointment today.

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