Smart Strategies: Ironclad Reputation Management for Doctors

Negative reviews of doctors can cause a sharp drop in patient visits. Today, anyone can write a review online, even if they have never used a service or product. This makes reputation management for doctors more important than ever before.

It’s no longer enough to delete false or misleading reviews. In some cases, that can even be harmful. A reputation management strategy for doctors must be preventative, not reactive. These three strategies contribute to a strong reputation management strategy for the 21st century.

Strategy 1: Bury bad information with compelling content

The way to put out a fire is not with more fire. Similarly, a bad review won’t disappear with a comment on said review or even deleting the review. However, the internet gives you the ability to change the conversation. With an effective content and SEO strategy, you can control what shows up in search results for your business.

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With great digital marketing materials optimized for both search engines and human readers, the content you publish can come up before negative reviews on search results. 

Strategy 2: Land press and media coverage highlighting the benefits of your service

Another way to ensure the top search results are positive and to get some positive media buzz around your business is to work on landing positive press. Reach out to local news outlets (you can often find reporter emails on the news websites) or sign up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a free tool which connects journalists to experts. If you want to take your PR plan to the next level, consider hiring a healthcare-focused digital marketing company. 

Strategy 3: Utilize social media to maintain your reputation

Social media is not only a way to share funny cat videos, it’s also one of the first places many look online when wanting to learn more about doctors and healthcare providers in the area. Ensure your social media puts your best foot forward and encourages people to share testimonials.

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With the ever-present threat of a misleading, bad review, you need to be on top of your reputation management strategy. By creating preventative content on your website, social media, and through media coverage, you ensure good news about your practice shows up first in search results.

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