Social media marketing ideas for the holidays

The holiday season isn’t only for Hallmark movie marathons and hot chocolate. It’s a great time to market your services to current and prospective patients as well.

The end of the year is frequently a busy time for doctor’s offices as patients rush to book end-of-the-year appointments. And January is often just as busy! How can you stay top of mind throughout the holidays and be part of patients’ celebrations? Through social media marketing and digital marketing efforts!

Here’s what to post while you’re rocking around the Christmas tree this holiday season.

Holiday wishes

Sending a holiday card or e-card is a great way to let your patients know how grateful you are for them and to stay top of mind for scheduling next year’s health appointments. If printing and physically mailing a holiday card doesn’t sound appealing to you, a holiday social media message can be a great alternative! Whether you choose to create a message around a particular holiday or keep it more generic is up to you. 

Looking ahead to 2022

At the beginning of a new year, the energy is fresh and resolution lists are a mile long. Take advantage of that energy in your marketing and make sure you’re top of mind when current and new patients consider their healthcare plans for 2022.

If you don’t want to work on a 2022 campaign during the holidays, plan out this marketing campaign in advance or hire a digital marketing agency like Fogg Media.

Community-building posts

While the holidays are a great season to market, it’s also a good time to give thanks on social media for your team and patients. Posting a message about how grateful you are for the past year allows you to connect on a more human level and show your team how valued they are.

A great idea is to post a photo from the holiday party or reflect on how your practice grew in 2021.

Still wondering what to post on social media for the holidays? Reach out to Fogg Media.


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