Maximizing Staff & Social Media for Healthcare

Consider this scenario: You’re an independent oncologist in San Diego who’s built a practice around a referral network with other independent physician groups.

Since you opened your doors your medical practice thrived without considerable investment in marketing and media.

It’s the end of the year and time to open up your books. Upon doing so, you notice a decline in patient acquisition and begin to investigate why. You quickly realize that your referral network is shrinking, considerably year over year. Come to find out they partnered with the local hospital system.

What is a provider to do?

You quickly realize that relying on your referral network won’t increase revenue in the coming year and need help to get your message out. You decide to hire a marketing agency to do this for you. They do a great job polishing your image and generat ing leads for your practice.

Everything is going great until that negative review on Facebook. You think your marketing agency can do this for you (and they can..for a price) however that price is too steep. What should you do?

Look inwards to your current staff to monitor and post on your social media. Before giving them the keys to the car consider a few things first

  • Review the social media accounts of your current staff. What are they posting, how are they acting online? If your staff is good on their personal page, then there’s a good chance you’re going to get similar results with your business page.
  • Come up with a plan. What will your message be when you get into social. Keep in mind; people do not like a hard sell on social media.
  • Have fun with it! Sure, most Medical provider offices are boring and drab. But maybe you’re funny or offer something unique to the community. Share that online.
  • Always add value; In healthcare, the patient cycle is long. Sometimes people are checking out your social media accounts for a loved one they are helping out. Share some educational resources for them and you will be looked at as an expert.

These are just a few tips on what to do when you engage your audience online. If you do not feel that there’s someone on your current staff that can manage your social media accounts, then wait till you have that person and consider asking about it as a qualifying answer on your next round of interviews.

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