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Medical Marketing Minute

Cleveland: America’s Healthcare Hub?

Cleveland, a city digging out of the ash of industrial’s great past, is utilizing the infrastructure developed during this time to quietly transform into one of America’s great healthcare hubs.

Since 2002, Cleveland’s biomedical industry has grown from 300 companies to more than 700. Global firms such as Hitachi, Steris, Medtronic, Siemens, GE Healthcare, Hyland Software, IBM Explorys, Gleeson, Philips Medical, Abeona Therapeutics and more now call Cleveland home.

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Paywalls and Building a Healthcare Content Hub

I helped a partner build a healthcare content hub for their Functional Medicine practice in Charlotte. It was built to be this immensely gratifying platform where our audience would consume educational content, get healthier, and in the process, we would learn more about our content consumers. The idea was brilliant and it’s something any practice from San Diego to Cleveland can do too!

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