The Top 10 Secrets of Healthcare SEO Companies

Search engine optimization, or SEO, determines if people see your content in Google searches. Make sure you’re staying visible with these ten healthcare SEO secrets.

Secret 1: Design your website based on what people are searching for

When designing a website, it’s important to research what terms people are searching for related to your business and ensure those terms are included.  For example, if people are searching for holistic health practitioners in Charlotte, North Carolina and you are one, make sure you include the exact search term they use in your website copy.

Secret 2: Keywords matter

Keywords, or terms that capture the main topics in a document.  are one of the driving factors of SEO. Make sure you use keywords in your content that people are searching for, but that have low competition so you can show up on page one of search results.

Secret 3: SEO should be driven by analytics

A successful SEO strategy is driven by the data analytics of what people are searching for--and how they’re searching.

Secret 4: ....but SEO should be implemented with creativity

Once you know what and how people are searching for, it’s important to creatively include these keywords in your content. Great copywriting can ensure any keywords don’t sound unnatural on your website.

Secret 5: Design matters for SEO

A key metric to make sure you show up in search results is session duration, or how long visitors stay on your website. A captivating and easy to navigate design will keep visitors longer.

Secret 6: There is a right way to use keywords

It’s important to have your target keyword in your title, first paragraph, meta-description, and the URL.

Secret 7: Make sure your website includes related terms

Not only should your content include a keyword, it should also include related terms, or latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords.

Secret 8: Backlinks help with SEO

SEO and PR are more closely related than most people think. When websites with authority, such as media outlets, link back to your website, your website will come up in search results more often.

Secret 9: Never pay for backlinks

At the same time, you should never pay for backlinks. Many SEO agencies offer paid backlinks but cutting corners with this practice will make you rank lower in search results.

Secret 10: SEO is not a one and done experience

What people are searching for and search engine algorithms are constantly changing. The best SEO practice is to change with them. Make sure you have invested money in a sustainable SEO package to stay up to date on trends.

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