Understanding Analytics for Healthcare Brands

With healthcare marketing, do you ever wonder if you’re marketing to the right audience?

Understanding Analytics can help you confirm this assumption and help you tailor that next piece, so your audience engages it more.

That’s not all, t hink about what your patients are doing when they’re not on your website and use that knowledge to curate your content. For instance, by reviewing your affinity categories on Google Analytics maybe they’re interested in healthy eating, and they like professional sports.

By knowing this knowledge, you can create a unique experience for your patients to consume. For example, your healthcare practice has a weekly email newsletter that goes out to your patient base. To help them engage your healthcare brand more effectively, create a simple recipe list for tailgating at the next game and lead your newsletter with it.

If you continue this practice weekly, your open and click thru rates will increase… I Promise!

Lastly, if you want help with this reach out! I am here to help you.

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