What to Know About Fractional CMO Services for Healthcare

Do you want the benefits of a chief marketing officer (CMO) without the cost of CMO? If so, fractional CMO services for healthcare might be the best model for your practice.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is an experienced marketing leader who runs their own marketing agency and provides marketing leadership, a marketing team, and a marketing strategy at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. CMOs can offer a range of services leading brand management and marketing communications, including:

  • Public relations, advertising, and promotions
  • Distribution channel management
  • Market research
  • Customer success
  • Customer service
  • Product marketing
  • And more!

What are the Benefits of a Fractional CMO?

Outsourcing the duties of a chief marketing officer might sound confusing at first, but it can be a great move from a financial and marketing standpoint. Fractional CMO services have many marketing benefits, including these three:

Benefit 1: Fractional CMOs Come with an Experienced Team

With a fractional CMO, sometimes also called CMO-as-a-service, you get the benefits of an outsourced marketing executive plus their team without having those roles in house. The CMO leader effectively functions as the marketing leader, bringing their existing knowledge and experience to your company to jumpstart results. It means instant marketing guidance minus the significant costs of searching, hiring, and onboarding a full-time CMO.

Additionally, a fractional CMO comes with a team that they are used to managing, who has driven results for past and current clients. You can rest assured that your new fractional CMO works well with his or her team and knows how to motivate them to achieve the marketing results you want to see. 

Benefit 2: Enhanced marketing services

Since a fractional CMO works with a team they’re used to leading, the team can create and implement a better marketing strategy. Not only that, but individual team members have unique marketing specialties so your strategy can be implemented across more mediums at a fraction of the cost of expanding a marketing team in house.

Some marketing services which can be started for your company or improved include:

Benefit 3: You have more time to focus on your medical work

A fractional CMO takes marketing tasks off your plate and recruits new patients so you can spend your valuable time focusing on medical work. You didn’t become a healthcare professional to coordinate marketing efforts.

Take back your time for what matters--the amazing work you do to keep your patients healthy--and get improved marketing results with a fractional CMO.

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