SEO: Writing For Healthcare – How To Be Seen

Let’s talk about how SEO can help you attract many more patients, even when you know nothing about internet marketing at the moment.

I have recently worked with multiple practices and hospital systems on their SEO efforts and increased visitors to their website by up 500% within the first year. Let me give you just one concrete hint on how you can do that, too … today.

Of course, there are many ways of how to do this you could

  1. Hire an advertising agency to manage the campaign
  2. Buy some premade category articles from a content hub

However, the easiest way to start is by simply writing an article with a few attractive keywords that are relevant to your practice. For example, if you are an oncologist think about creating content about self-screening efforts for testicular or breast cancer. Some keywords you should target are the words cancer, chemo, and mammogram. By the way, keywords are important because they’re what Search Engines use to determine what to deliver to their consumers.

So, don’t hold back! Get going today! Write your first article … and if you like to have more concrete suggestions of what you could write about or you want an expert to review your current marketing strategy get in touch with me and we can review your strategy

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