296 Coats & Backpacks Donated for Grier Heights Children in Need

Building a business isn’t all about profit lines and margins. It’s an opportunity to follow something that you believe in and give back to the community you serve.

Last year we kicked off a coat & backpack drive, and we’re proud to announce that with your in-kind support, we were able to deliver 296 winter coats & bookbags for kids in need in the Grier Heights neighborhood.

Thank you to our supporters at Sensenbrenner Primary Care, Oncology Specialists of Charlotte, Charlotte Surgery Center, Caliber Men’s Grooming, Rotary Club, F3 Nation, and the staff at Fogg Media for helping make this a reality.

We’ve learned from this that we could do more, it’s easy, and I know we will deliver on that mission in 2021.

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