Finding the Best Healthcare Keywords for Search

So you created your first piece of content to help your SEO Search efforts? Great! You’re on the right track!

But you’re wondering how do I attract the right people to my content. It doesn’t matter if you live in Charlotte, San Diego or Cleveland the same practices apply.

Why Should I research Keywords and Keyword Phrases?

Ranking for the right healthcare or medical keywords can make you or break you. Your goal in creating content for SEO is to rank the highest on search engines to drive organic traffic to your site from SERPs (search engine result pages), and the keywords and phrases you choose to target will determine who finds you.

A simple tip for you to do today:

  • Log onto  Google and search what you do well. In this example, we’re going to search “Functional Medicine”
  • After you started your search scroll down to the bottom of the first page and take note of all the “Searches related to Functional Medicine” or your keyword phrases
  • In your next piece of content consider using these keyword phrases. They will help your ranking on search engines and help you drive organic traffic.

This is just one easy tip that your medical or healthcare practice can implement today to help your marketing campaigns tomorrow.

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