3 healthcare marketing strategies to try in 2022

The new year often marks a time to reflect on the past year and set new goals. If one of your goals in 2022 is to grow your healthcare practice, it might be time to consider changing up your healthcare marketing. These 3 healthcare digital marketing strategies can transform your practice in 2022.

Build a marketing funnel

For marketing to be truly effective, you need to focus on the user experience. This means considering the process by which a person goes from being completely unaware of your brand to becoming a patient. A marketing funnel is a term that refers to taking someone from not knowing anything about your company all the way to making the decision to book an appointment.

The first part of the funnel is a way for people to discover your brand at surface level. This happens often on social mediaor when your website pops up in search results. This surface level content has a strong call to action which leads users to look for more information about your brand, whether that’s visiting your website or subscribing to your email newsletter. Once they know more and are further along in the funnel, they are more likely to convert into patients. 

If you want to learn more about how a funnel can put your marketing strategy on autopilot, reach out to a healthcare digital marketing agency like Fogg Media.

Short form video content

While short form video content started off as a unique feature on TikTok, it’s expanding to every corner of the internet. Even Facebook and Youtube are hopping on the trend! 

Luckily, short form video content doesn’t have to include dancing. Short form video content is essentially video which tells a story in five to 45 seconds. For a general practitioner, an example of short form video content could look like a series of short videos describing the best ways to stay healthy during flu season.

If you’d like to get a better idea of what short form video content could look like for you, check out #doctorsoftiktok on TikTok. Then think about whether you can come up with the strategy on your own, or need outside help.


Despite the flashiness of short form video content and building an automated marketing funnel, good marketing comes down to one thing: telling a story your audience can connect with. In 2022, take your healthcare marketing back to the basics: what is the narrative you want to communicate to current and potential patients?

Unsure what that narrative is? A professional storyteller can help. Schedule a consultation with Fogg Media.

Fogg Media offers a starter package for healthcare professionals looking for a well-rounded marketing strategy. This program includes:

  • Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website, designed for Healthcare Practices
  • Website migration
  • Online Reputation Clean-up of Social Media Accounts and Google My Business Directory Listing
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • 6 Custom Pages or Articles written for search (SEO)
  • 5 Hours of creative services for logo design/clean up, rack card advertisements, etc.
  • Access to Print and Promotional products at Wholesale costs


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Fogg Media has been helping medical practices in the Carolinas and throughout the US to increase their visibility and drive patient conversions. If you’re struggling to get search visibility, or if your patients struggle to use your website, we’ve created a simple, straight-forward package deal that gives you exactly what you need to get started in the world of digital marketing. We offer targeted, optimized digital advertising services for healthcare, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, Search Engine Advertising, and more. Simply put, we’ll handle the behind-the-scenes digital marketing so you can get back to medicine.

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